Satellite Dish Installation

Are you interested in accessing FREE satellite TV? Look no further! A Freesat system offers a wide range of free-to-air digital satellite channels that will meet your needs.

With Freesat, you won’t need any viewing cards or decoders. Enjoy FREE TV channel viewing indefinitely, without any additional costs!

Say goodbye to subscription fees and discover a significantly larger selection of viewing channels compared to the free-to-air equivalent offered by Sky. A Freesat system is an excellent alternative.

The standout feature of the Freesat system is the availability of High Definition Satellite TV channels, completely FREE of charge!

“No contracts, no monthly subscriptions—just a single payment for the equipment and installation.”

Sky Digital HD provides a vast array of channels to choose from, including the latest 3D technology to enhance your viewing experience. Additionally, you can record up to 240 hours of high-definition TV. For ultimate flexibility, Sky multiroom allows multiple receivers to be connected to a single satellite dish, enabling family members to watch their preferred TV channels in various rooms of your home.

At Atherstone Aerials, we have been installing satellite systems since the early days of satellite TV broadcasting in the UK—long before the advent of Sky TV or the digital revolution of freeview and freesat. Our satellite installations are tailored to your specific requirements. We can discreetly hide the dish and route the cables along the most inconspicuous path possible.

All our satellite dish installers at Atherstone Aerials are highly qualified specialists who excel at providing installation solutions even in challenging situations where others may have failed. We offer solutions, not excuses!

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